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GOLDEN DRY BODY OIL is formulated with a precious blend of dry oils that can be quickly absorbed by the skin, leave no feeling of greasiness and have a silicone-like effect, e.g. the classic silky effect of silicones without using actual silicone products.

For those who love to use oils, but cannot stand the greasy feeling and do not have time to let the product dry.

The LUMINOSITY BODY OIL is a fantastic and balanced blend of vegetable oils, able to reactivate the skin’s radiance. The feel is slightly oilier and takes a few minutes to dry, but the result is ultra-nourished and revitalised skin.

EFFICACY TESTS or FUNCTIONAL TESTS are HIGHLY SPECIALISED laboratory tests that are fundamental to confirm the activities claimed by a cosmetic (moisturising, anti-ageing, plumping, etc.).

These tests are carried out with the help of voluntary subjects who undergo daily applications of the product according to the procedure that is required of them.


The skin of these volunteers (in the area of application of the product) is subjected to investigations using specialised machines that measure the change of the skin before, during and at the end of the test, so as to be able to evaluate if that cosmetic product has really demonstrated the actions reported on the label.

The words “dermatologically tested” may be placed on the labelling of a cosmetic product only when that product has undergone PATCH TESTING.


A Patch Test is a test that is performed in authorised laboratories, under the supervision of a dermatologist. It is a dermal test used to determine if a cosmetic product, applied to the skin of 20 volunteers, for 24 or 48 consecutive hours, can be allergenic or irritant.

When the test is carried out on volunteers with normal skin (without particular problems) and the test is passed, the words “dermatologically tested” are inserted on the product label.

When the test is carried out on specially selected volunteers with sensitive skin and the test is passed, the words “dermatologically tested on sensitive skin” are inserted on the label.

An active ingredient is the raw material that provides the activity of the cosmetic product.

For example, HYDROXYTYROSOL is an important antioxidant active ingredient.

HYDROXYTYROSOL in the INCI nomenclature has been registered as “Olea europaea fruit extract”, since it is an extract of the olive fruit.

The “Natural in me” glossary allows you to view the main ingredients of our products.

Olive kernels were used in the PURIFYING FACE SCRUB to provide a mechanical exfoliating action. The olive kernel because it recalls the Mediterranean nature of this excellent scrub, based on hydroxytyrosol, also extracted from olive.

Filaggrin is an epidermal protein responsible for skin elasticity and hydration.

The precious green micro-pearls contained in the ULTRA ANTI AGE DEFYING face cream are micro-capsules of olive oil that magically break as you massage them over the skin, imparting all the properties of this precious oil to the cream and maintaining a soft and light texture.

The face cream has been designed for 24-hour use that lasts all day long. This cream was created to meet the needs of women who love to have a single cream, for both day and night, as a base cream for make-up, as a soothing cream, as an anti-ageing ally, in short, a cream suitable for any time of the day without sacrificing care, hydration and luminosity for the skin.

The face cream also contains Seawater because this water provides a dose of salts that stimulates skin cell vitality.

In the products section, you can read the full description of the product, including its ingredients.

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